As one of the leading receptacle manufacturers for healthcare institutions, we are enabled by our manufacturing processes to adapt the receptacles to your individual needs. All of our receptacles have little weight of their own and are hygienically impeccable, exceptionally safe and stable.

As a company with decades of technical expertise at our disposal, we attach a great deal of importance to stable and continuous further development and to new product innovations.


The guiding principle in the production of our receptacle system is quality. In this respect, safety and hygiene joint occupy first place for us at all times. Warehousing conditions and adherence to guidelines are taken into account in the development of the receptacle systems.

In order to keep the demand for space as low as possible when the receptacles are empty, we construct disposal containers with little weight of their own and a low stacking edge.



INFA products can be found in many other areas as well: universal boxes, deer tubs, transport tubs. Inspired by customer requirements and with an eye for trends, we have adapted our product spectrum to the needs of our customers and expanded it.

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As service providers we regard the customers as our be-all and end-all. Which is why we never leave this service to chance.

Close contact with the customer is the prerequisite of optimum support.

Together, we will find the right product for your needs.

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Anyone who is looking for that critical increase in satisfaction, safety and service is in good hands with us. This is because we look beyond the containers themselves and operate with a far-sighted perspective. For more than three decades now, INFA Lentjes has been synonymous with high-quality products and manufacturing competence in plastics processing.

We develop and produce medical waste receptacles that guarantee the safe and hygienic transportation of challenging waste projects. The important procedures of gathering, transportation and interim storage of different substances can function smoothly only with a perfect receptacle system and well-organised logistics. This reliability is what we offer in all of our disposal services. Our customers receive an “all-round worry-free package”tailored to their specific needs that covers all aspects of the trade. High-grade. Safe. Sustainable. Made easy. This applies for our products just as much as it does for the way we treat our business partners.

The latter appreciate our uncomplicated cooperation and our open and honest communication style – from the offer phase through production and delivery, and right up to waste removal and the replacement receptacle. “My disposal firm” is not just a snappy advertising slogan, but also a friendly acknowledgement from satisfied customers.

If you want to know more, just get in touch with us. Or pay a visit to our state-of-the-art production facilities. But now for something completely different: transport and deer tubs, as well as universal receptacle systems intended for a diversity of economic sectors, round off our product spectrum.


  • one of the leading manufacturers in Germany for receptracle systems in the health sector
  • all from one hand! Receptacle production & disposal
  • lived values: service and safety
  • over 30 years of technical know-how
  • owner-managed family business
  • steady and continuous development
  • innovative quality products
  • certified QM system

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